>From: "Herman Miller" <[log in to unmask]>
>For those of us who are borrowing place names from what the people who live
>there call them (which I might still do for Ludiréo, although probably not
>for Tirèlhat), I thought it might be cool to make a list of phonetic
>transcriptions of the home towns of Conlang list members. Feel free to
>include the names of nearby places.

I live in
    Ooltewah  ["u4@wA]
    Tennessee [t_hEnIsi]

Sometimes people call it ["ultIwA], but we don't listen to them :p

which is just outside the famous
    Chattanooga  [tS&?n="ug@]

In Collegedale ["kAlidZdEjl] I work for McKee Foods Corporation [d_d@"bek@ri]
which makes Little Debbies [%lI4l="dEbiz].

Nearby areas:
    Apison   ["&pIs@n]
    Ringgold [w`INgl=d]  (that's in ["dZOw`dZ@])

(I am never sure about the vowel in "ing", so don't take that as canonical)

    Soddy-Daisy ["sA4IdEjzI]