Andreas wrote:

> Community: Linghem ["liN(h)Em]
> Commune: Linköping [lin"C2:piN]
> Province: Östergötland [%2st@r"j2:tland]
> Country: Sverige ["svErjE]
> Big Bloc: EU [e:}:] (note the abscence of a definite article)
> Note: I don't speak the local dialect* - the pronunciations
> above are "Standard".

Not really. The "standard" pronunciation of _Sverige_
is [sv&rjE]. Or am I mixing up Stockholmska and "standard"?

Do you really have [i] instead of [I]? I have heard
[li:nC2:pIN] but never [linC2:piN]. I say [%lIn:"C2:pIN]
where the [%..."...] is supposed to be grave accent.

ObSubject: I live at Lappkärrsberget ["lap:Is] in Stockholm
[%stO"k:Olm] in the province of Södermanland ["s8rmland] (or
is it Uppland [8p:land]?).

||| daniel