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> Ramyo (aka Daimyo) is still a very infant-stage language.
Hey, conlangs all have to start somewhere, right?

BTW, random humorous note: since Daimyo looks Japanese, I find myself
thinking of ramen when I see ramyo (especially since in Korean it's

> I just now have invented a rather clumsy orthography that can handle all
> its
> consonants.
Clumsy, hell.  I like your pitch markers.  They're quite easy to remember
(especially as someone who doesn't speak a tone language).

> "Pirqoo gngnjhndhquguudme mawqjhjnatho."
> /pi4?o: N&N&j\&:nD?ugu:dmE mAw?j\7~JATo/
> very roughly, 'The rain isn't helping our dehydration'

> Interlinear mit notes:
> {qoo} /?o:/ and several other affixes have no phonemic pitch, but get it
> "inferred" from the surrounding--in this case, because it's a long vowel
> following a high pitch, it becomes falling pitch {pi+rqoo^} /pi4?o:/.
>     our     .dry      .sick     .NMLZR
<intrigued look>  What are the general rules for how the pitch gets
inferred from the previous one?  You give the one example :-) so I'm
wondering about other rules.

> {R} here is just a notation saying that this vowel is unspecified and
> must be
> filled in by the next vowel (in this case the {} in {jh-ndhi+} /j\&nDi/
> , so:
> {gngnjh...}
Oh, nice.  What a neat idea!

> ({me} is the main nominalizer for class VII roots like {qu-g-d}... {qoo}
> is for
> class II roots like {p+r}.  Class II is mainly verbs, and Class VII
> appears to
> be states and condtions of the body, and also smells for some reason)
(Muke, this *so* doesn't sound like an infant-stage conlang to me.  <G>
Perhaps that's because my idea of infant-stage is a phonology with hardly
any grammar and no morphology!)

> {jh-jna+} /j\7~JA/ actually does mean to ruin, or to spoil... in Ramyo
> you may
> cure people, but you don't cure diseases (you don't want the sickness to
> get
> stronger, do you?)
ROTFL!  Another neat idea.  I'm looking forward to seeing more.  ^_^

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