On Sunday, November 4, 2001, at 10:04 , Aquamarine Demon wrote:

> I've wanted to try an alphabet like Korean for awhile. I find the concept
> of stacking and the like fascinating... I only know a little about the
> Korean alphabet, tho... I can *sort of* guess what it sounds like, but I
> have no idea what they mean or if I'm totally right... does that make any
> sense? (I'll stop babbling now.)

By "what they mean" do you mean pronunciation?  Then I have a link for you

I don't know what browser you're using, but it has sound samples for the
alphabet.  Even so, the tensified stops may give you trouble.  I've given
up trying to explain them to other people.  <sigh>

> >Tasratal will take time, but then, I just invented the script two days
> >ago during Adolescent Development.  <squirm>  Perhaps this weekend I
> >can get it up on the web for the perusal of the curious.
> I've been wanting to make one for my current project (which is turning
> out very well so far, btw), but I can't decide what exactly I want... if
> an alphabet would suit it better or a syllabary. Hmm...
Try both and see which one you like better, if you've got the time.  (At
least, that's what I used to tell writing tutees who couldn't decide
between two possible intros to their essays...)

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