Hmmm.  Eviendadhail is not spoken in our world, but I have a sort of
obsession with transliterating various (native) names into it.  For
Ámericá - America
Evrans - France
Nivon - Japan (Nippon)

On the other hand, if some element in the name has its own obvious
meaning, I tend to translate that part of the name:
Yorcê Arenês - New York
Raidhancel - England (land of Ancel (Angle))

On a side note, I have an idea banging around in my head of an alternate
timeline in which Rome never fell and eventually conquered the whole
world.  I translate place names into Latin (a language I don't know).
In this world there are four great cities, each the capital of a giant
administrative district.  They are
Roma - Rome
Byzantium - Istanbul
Sana - Shanghai
Tenotitlanium - Mexico City (I recently almost gave this as the capital
of the ancient Aztec empire instead of the real one, which, for the life
of me, I can't spell. (Tenochtitlan?))


nd003k wrote:
> i have a curious question... when creating languages does
> anyone come up with names for places in the real world?  it
> has always annoyed me that as an american i would call the
> country germany, but the people who live there call it
> deutschland... i think my conlang is going to call a place
> by whatever name the people who live there call it...
> i would appreciate any comments, arguments, accusations...
> nothing is impossible...
> ..nicole