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> Onderwerp: Ohm of Borg (Re: OT: Inspiration (was Re: Alphabet)))
> On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 07:49:01PM -0800, Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
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> > I am Ohm of Borg.  Resistance is Voltage over Current.
> ROTFL!!!
> Perhaps it's better phrased (in stereotypical caveman-speak):
>         "I, Ohm the Borg. Resistance is Voltage over Current."

But the first is more in line with actual Borg speech. They either say
"We are the Borg." or in the rare cases where they put forth an individual
" am Locutus of Borg" (Patrick Stewart in a historical episode of TNG).

Remember, the Borg are definitely not cavemen... They live in cubes and
spheres, and are very wel developed, though somewhat simplistic and
extremely pragmatic :-)

Btw, Star Trek is a really good source for conculture ideas, as long as you
keep yourself from simply copying stuff too much.

Maarten van Beek