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>Even after a serious rain, I can't smell gum trees. The only time I can is
>when the burn. Burning eucalyptus leaves is the nicest smell... It might
>because of the fact that I've had more Eucalyts around me all my life then
>you. I just need to look out my window and I can see the bush, for
>('Bush' in the sense of 'Australian forest': full of gum trees). But I
>no trouble smelling Vicks, even with a blocked nose.

I cant really smell them much after a rain either. I mainly smell the
decomposing leaf litter under them. But, on a hot day, i can smell them
clearly. I actually hate the smell of eucalyptus in general, especially
when the leaves are being burned. It's the same way with poison hemlock
(which i find a cloying, nutty smell that nauseates me).


"The adventuresome gardener who tries plants that supposedly "will never
live", who carries that proverbial snowball through the depths of hell,
enriches our lives and expands the pleasures that we all can share."

Daniel J. Hinkley, in "The Explorer's Garden."