On Sat, 10 Nov 2001, SuomenkieliMaa wrote:

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> wrote:
> > On Sat, 10 Nov 2001, SuomenkieliMaa wrote:
> > > Originally from
> > > City: Struthers [s_tra:T\Erz]
> >
> > What's the _ and T\ (or is it \E) supposed to
> > represent?
> Not sure, actually.  I just copied that yen symbol
> from the other guy who wrote it, guessing it would be
> the equivalent of a sound similar to in this word.
> Ok, so how would you indicate Sally Struthers' last
> name??

I'd say [str\AD@z], but I'm Aussie. And it shouldn't've been a yen symbol.
It seems that something at your end is taking the text and interpreting it
as encoded or something, ruining it in the process and confusing the hell
out of you.

> > > Now I live in
> > > Ward: Suginami [sugi:nami]
> >
> > Wouldn't that be [suginami]?
> Perhaps, though I have a feeling the i is lengthened a
> bit.

Could be. My word isn't law.

> Understandable, but remember that I'm American from
> the Mid-west so my pronunciation may very well
> resemble (if not be the same) to yours.  Seeing your
> notation, I think you're right.  BUT I'm now confused
> about [8] vs [O] vs [o]...

[8] is a rounded central mid-close vowel, sounding a bit like a rounded
schwa. It looks like an 'o' with a bar through the middle. [o] is a
rounded back mid-close vowel. To me it sounds something like [Q], but
that's just because the closest diphthong I have to [ou], the GA version
of my [8u], is [Qu], which is an allophone of [8u] before /l/. It looks
like an 'o', surprisingly enough. [O] is a rounded back mid-open vowel. It
looks like a back-to-front 'c'.

> Oh geez, what is [{:] ?  If it is like the a of Anne,
> then what is [A] supposed to be??  In Japanese, the
> country is named Nihon (although a more patriotic,
> antiquated form is Nippon).

[{] is an a-e ligature, right; the vowel of Anne. [A] is an unrounded back
open vowel, a 'script "a"'. Generally the vowel in 'father' (there are
exceptions to this, though).