Well, Nicole, if you'd care to specify what you mean by "blue" I'd be glad
to give you a Lrahran version.  Unfortunately, you'll have to be more
specific than just "blue" since Lrahran has no one word for "blue", but
instead, has several different words for different parts of the blue


So lift the cup of joy and take a big drink.
In spite of it all it's a beautiful world.
-------Suzanne Knutzen

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>Subject: Re: fuzzy blue monkeys(was Re: .sig)
>Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 12:07:53 +1100
>Seeing as I'm partly responsible for evilly going round and forcing a new
>.sig upon you, in Eta'bnanni (a'=a acute, pronounced /rA_Lmn{_Ln/), it'd
>(T: Transliteration of native orthographies.
>  N: A more phonetic alternative romanisation.
>  I: X-Sampa IPA.
>NB: A morphemic breakdown in the alternative romanisation.
>In the T, ' is an acute accent on the previous letter.
>In the N, " is an umlaut and ` a grave accent on the previous letter.
>nG and Ng=eng)
>(There are two tones, low and normal.)
>  T: to'difai     ko'wainG   MANgKIi.
>  N: to"`rifa"    xo`ma"`    manGkii
>  I: "T3\_Lrip\{  "xO_Lm{_L  mANki:
>NB: to"`rifa-i   xo`ma-i`   mangki-i
>     blue-NOM     fuzz-INSTR monkey-NOM
>`Fuzzy blue monkey', also, `The blue monkey with fuzz', although the
>latter would best have the word 'ko'wainG to'difai MANgKIi'.
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>On Sun, 11 Nov 2001, nicole dobrowolski wrote:
> > Matt33 froge sionk (wrote):
> > > Nor Vyääh!  Actually, the Vyäähns
> > > have never even seen a monkey as this animal does not
> > > exist in Vaävy'yy..
> > >
> >
> > well i'm pretty sure Germans have seen monkeys and if my
> > Deutsch skills have not completely deserted me fuzzy blue
> > monkeys would be:
> > fraumigen blauen Affen (i think... or would it be fraumige
> > blaue Affen...  if anyone on the list who knows German would
> > like to berate me for butchering the language [and then send
> > a correction!] i'd be eternally grateful :)
> >
> > fuzzy blue monkeys...shmuli atae muhnkia... jiqek qelek
> > nimmekel...Luddiga blå apor...
> > ..nicole
> >

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