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 >From: J Y S Czhang <[log in to unmask]>
 >>        "All of Chinese thought is a footnote to the Yijing?"  Hmm.
 >>That doesn't quite work, isn't quite Chinese.
 >>        "All of Chinese thought is a neo-Confucian commentary on the
 >>Yijing."  That works better. :)
 >    Not all educated Chinese subscribe to the neo-Confucianist
 >interpretations of the I Ching.

        I realize that.  However, in the time I spent studying
Classical Chinese in college (a beautiful time in my life,
academically), I ran into an awful lot of such commentaries.  I wanted
to capture that in my rephrasing. :)

 >    The I Ching is more rooted in the early post-shamanistic phase of Taoism
 >than anything Confucianist like the Book of Rites.

        Just like the Daodejing, the Yijing appears to be some sort of
ink blot test, with everyone from scholars to newage gurus
reinterpreting it in strange and esoteric ways.