Lars Henrik Mathiesen wrote:

> The basic question is about the contour marks (vertical bars with
> strokes to the left). Do they go before or after the voiced sound
> during which they occur? (From the example of glottalization marked by
> preposed /?/, I'm guessing that it's before).

The silly things never seem to get used in actual IPA text,
only in drawings illustrating how a particular language's tones
are pronounced.  Otherwise, superscript digits are used, either
on the 1-5 system or language-specific.  (In Proto-Tai they
like A, B, C superscripts.)

> (It's not that important, though. Unicode only has the basic level
> contour marks, corresponding to _B, _L, _M, _H, _T. Even rising and
> falling, _R and _F, are missing.

The intention of the Unicode Standard is that consecutive tone
contours be ligatured into the prescribed shape.  So one codes
U+02E5 U+02E9 to get the tone letter representing Mandarin tone 4.

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