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>Keith Gaughan froge sionk:
> > And in Erëtas...
> >
> >      Hlässöbonakkäa      Jonäjë
> >
> >      Hlässö-monakkä-a    Jonäje-ë
> >      blueness-monkey-PL. fuzziness-ADJ.
>there seems to be a discrepency... or is the m supposed to
>change into a b when it is combined into one word?

In Erëtas, there are a number of mutations that can take place. They're
currently not all documented in the language's grammar, except for these:

     l -> hl
     r -> l

You can add to that number for now the transformation

     m -> b

and others too but they're not all worked out. There's also a form of nasal
mutation that happens in speech which I haven't noted in the orthography.
Erëtas is a language in transition and the terminal verb is becoming an
inflection onto the gerund before it.

>(in which case i'll be shutting up now)

Ah, sure don't worry! You really had no way of knowing and I haven't had
the time to sync my notes with what's online.

>hmmmm... methinks my .sig is getting a *little* out of control

I dunno, if you make it a bit wider, it looks ok :-)


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