SuomenkieliMaa, do you know how the names are written in Japanese
characters? This is what I get from JWPce's dictionary: I'm familiar
the characters for Tokyo and Japan, but Suginami is unfamiliar to me.

"{ Japan [nihoN\]
" Tokyo [to:kjo:]
? Suginami [sMginami]

(And are these IPA transcriptions acceptably close to the Japanese

I know I'm not the person to whom your question is directed, still, I
can see the first 2 (nihon and tookyoo) written in ShiftJIS, but the
3rd one is not visible for me.

Suginami, literally row of cedars is written &#26441;&#20006; in ShiftJIS I
believe, though you may want to ask SuomenkeliMaa, being one who has
presumably known the kanji for his place of residence having lived
there for a reasonable amount of time :)