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> >(Possibly because if there's anything like a genetic conservation of
> >physical/motor coordination, I have it in the negatives to make up
> for
> >everyone else...I can trip over things that are halfway across the
> room.)
> Well, I'm much the same. My shins have hit more wood than the average
> hurler's.
> I think I'm renowned for my clumsiness at this point.

Me too!!! Though since we're settled together the disposition of the furniture
didn't change at all (my partner has a kind of instinctive Feng-Shui sense :) ,
and it took us two days to find the right position for the furniture, but since
then it didn't move), I keep on kiking the tables, chairs, etc... (always at
the same places. Maybe I have also a kind of instinctive Feng-Shui sense gone
mad? :))) ), though by now I should be able to move in this appartment with
closed eyes :(( .

> Oh, and I've something to ask you: what does `meep' mean?

Well, it means... meep! :))

I don't meep myself, but I do make strange noises, and mumble meaningless
sequences of notes, usually getting strange looks from everybody around.


Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.