SuomenkieliMaa wrote:

>Actually <embarrassed look> I never bothered to look
>up the meaning of _sugi_ before, as I knew from the
>radical for tree that it was some sort of tree!
>(Figured it as a pine though..)
>You've lived here (in Tokyo) before, though, haven't
>you?  Was it near Shinjuku area or elsewhere?

I didn't know "sugi" before myself (I knew it in its Chinese
incarnation, "shan1"), but "pine" is "matsu" (Chinese "song1"). It's
the tree radical plus the character for "public" ("koominkan" no
"koo"/my dictionary gives "ooyake" as a kunyomi). I can't speak for
Imperative, but *I* lived in Namazuta ("catfish paddy"), a 'burb of
Iizuka ("rice mound"), itself a 'burb or Fukuoka ("happiness hill")
on Kyuushuu.  My boss' surname was Matsuoka ("pine hill"), which is
why I know "pine", not because I'm a botany freak.


PS. don't know if this will swing for Japanese viewers, but here goes: