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>Uh oh! Now if I present my own version of ASCII-IPA, I'm probably gonna
>bore the list to death :(( . Moreover, I called it CFA-IPA, which is near
>enough to the name of yours, which could provoke ambiguities (I promise I
>didn't copy you, I had the name much before, it means "Conlang Friendly
>ASCII IPA" or "Conlang Friendly Agglutinative IPA" :) or even "Christophe's
>F***ing ASCII IPA" for those who won't like it :))) ). Moreover, my scheme
>has some resemblance to yours, even though I tried to make it more
>consistent with the use of diacritics, and it puts diacritics after, not
>before letters. For this reason, it sometimes departs more from the IPA
>than your system, still being easy to read. I also have the "wildcards",
>except that in my case there are plenty of them (most capital letters are
>unused), and already used characters can even be redefined if needed (on
>the condition that the redefinition is stated).
>If you want, I'll present my scheme, so that we can compare them, and maybe
>enhance our schemes through this comparison.

Grr. Tried to post from e-groups, and once again my reply vanished into the
ether... anyway-

I would be interested in seeing another take on the problem of ASCII-IPA, so
feel free to share yours. There was one presented a year or three back which
some folks might recall, something like CB or BC (I remember the name Baba
was somehow involved) that sought to suggest the actual shapes of the IPA
through an interesting set of conventions.

One idea that Herman Miller had mentioned in a note a while back, but
hasn't, as far as I know, implemented in KPA was the use of <T", D"> for the
lateral fricatives - a convention I rather like, since I perceive a sort of
kinship between the interdentals and lateral fricatives (though that could
just be me ;-)

One thing that I like in HM's Ljoerr (and I think he includes a convention
in KPA?) is his indication of whistles - certainly humanly possible, but
there is no satisfactory way to indicate them in IPA.