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> My French sucks like a hoover, of course, but today I was writing a
> story
> about a guy who finds a rip in reality, and steps through it into a
> desert, and returns with some of the sand.  I wanted to make him a Dr,
> and
> a fairly pathetic fellow, so of course I fell back on French (sorry,
> Christophe, but I hate your native language, as much as I like you).

He he... The more I learn about foreign tongues, the more I like my own
language, because I discover in it features that had been hidden by the stupid
way I've been taught it at school (in France, we're taught French as if it was
Latin, which completely disforms the reality of the language).

> I decided to just name him something that sounded French, and look up
> a
> suitable name later, so I came up with Bouchon.  Dr. Bouchon.


> Then, in revising, I looked it up.  It means "cork; wisp of straw."  Am
> I
> suddenly psychically picking up the *perfect* French word for what I
> want
> to say?  Am I tied into the group mind?  Or did I just get lucky?
> Past life memories, maybe?

No, but it's just a proof to the claim that everyone in the world really thinks
in French, and they are just obliged to learn those strange foreign languages
to confuse French people and deny them the place they really
deserve :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
(I guess the smiley is big enough to show that I'm joking :)))))))))))))))))) ).


Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.