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> of
> "French" names, is Cheryl really a French name? Or does it just look
> like
> one?

I've always thought it was an American name misused by French people (we get
more and more children with American names mispronounced in a French way. I
call it the "soap-opera effect" :)) ).

> Really? I love French. Except when there's a really hard word that
> twists
> my tongue... like I don't think I can say "sr" right... for some
> reason
> that word's hard to say.

You must have problems with the front rounded high vowel, /y/ in SAMPA and IPA.
Most English speaking people can put their tongue around it :) . Just try to
pronounce an /i/ like in 'see', but make a round with your lips, like if you
pronounced the vowel in 'foot' (I think).


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