At 13:17 2001-11-29 -0500, Steg Belsky wrote:

>And no one still has any good replacements for /T/ and /D/?

IMHO _fita_ wd be the right choice for /T/, since it derives from Greek
_theta_.  I wd use the _big yus_ for /V/ as Bulgarian used to.

/D/ is not as easy.  You cd use the Macedonian _dze_ for /D/, since it is
derived from Greek lower-case _delta_.

Alternatively you could use _es with descender_ for /T/ and _ze with
descender_ for /D/, seing that you already use _en with hook_ for /N/.

Those grave-accented letters bother me.  I would use the soft sign for /j/
diphthongs and the hard sign for /w/ diphthongs, since ultimately they are
transmogrifications of Greek _epsilon+iota_ and _epsilon+upsilon_ diphthong

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