"Donald J. HARLOW" wrote:
> However, the "real-word" sources of -ig-, -igh- (which _is_ an _a priori_
> feature derived from -ig- by analogy) and particularly edz- are pretty well
> determined. On the latter, Zamenhof himself gave an explanation (which
> later commentators considered somewhat ingenous as to detail though
> accurate in general) to Boirac in 1913.

Do you _really_ know the etymology of "edzo", either explained by
Zamenhof himself or deduced by others?

I think that for anyone who likes to know the origin of Esperanto words,
"edzo" (husband) is probably the most valuable item, something almost
impossible to obtain, like the magenta one-penny stamp of British Guiana
for a stamp collector.

I tried to ascertain the etymology of "edzo" during a long time, but
when I saw it was no Latin, no Greek, no Romance, no English, no German,
no Dutch, no Scandinavian, no Russian... I gave up.

Would you be so kind to explain it to curious list members, which I
suppose to be many? Thanks in advance.