Je 12.56 ptm 2001.12.03 -0500, Antony ALEXANDER skribis
>My sincere apologies to those on this forum who have complained either
>publicly or privately of a virus attack emanating from my computer.

I don't think you have much of anything to apologize about. I have
received, in the past week, perhaps 50-100 different virusized e-mails from
all and sundry (the latest one, this morning, came from one of the workers
at the ELNA Central Office).

W32/BadTrans@MM, like a lot of other recent worms, doesn't really much care
what _you_ are doing. As I understand it, once it is loose in your machine
it looks through -- not your address book, but your Outlook Express queue
of unsent mail -- and delivers itself as a reply to each of those messages.

I seem to be in fairly good shape. While I'm still receiving occasional
attachments containing some older worms, apparently my provider somehow is
deleting the W32/BadTrans@MM worm before it reaches me. All I get are empty
messages containing the giveaway header, in which the address in the
"From:" field is prefixed with an underscore.

ObAuxlang: This worm, like most viruses and worms, is limited in its
attacks to Windows machines and, more specifically, to those in which
Outlook Express is active. There is at least one virus which has been set
up to attack both Windows machines and Macintoshes. This "universal" virus
is named -- of course! -- "Esperanto", and in fact puts a message in
Esperanto up on your screen when it activates ...

>I don't think Renato Corsetti had anything to do with it.

Certainly no more so than any of the several dozen people (including
Corsetti) who've inadvertently attempted to bombard me with the same virus.

>In my innocence - I'm the exceptional fool always one step ahead of
>foolproof technologies - I assumed that further problems could be avoided
>until the gremlin was removed simply by refraining from sending emails.
>However, it transpired that the mischievous little chap - now evicted I am
>pleased to report - was also sending out forty-page screeds of gibberish to
>all and sundry while I was online. I'm hoping my next current account
>statement won't be more of a shock than usual. Perchance there's a fellow
>technomoron out there who might benefit from this cautionary tale.

Thierry Salomon sent the following advice to esperanto-l /
soc.culture.esperanto last night or this morning; it may be of benefit to
some here.

"Ne malfermu retmesaghojn al kiuj estas kunkrochita Word dokumento. Chefe
se venas de esperanto-parolanto kaj la titolo estas en la angla lingvo."

"Don't open an e-mail with an attached Word document. Especially if it
comes from an Esperanto speaker and the title is in English."


Pasis longa voj'
Iri ĉi tien de for;
Pasis longa temp',
Sed alvenas mia hor' ...

Se vi serĉas...