Je 04.39 atm 2001.12.03 +0200, Risto KUPSALA skribis
>Chris Burd wrote:
> > Donald J. HARLOW wrote:
> >>Strangely, I have never run across anyone who made this mistake in
> >>understanding "flugilo". Limited exposure on my part, I guess.
> >
> > You have now. Until I read Daniel's message, I myself believed that
> > _flugilo_ was the Eo word for 'airplane'.
>Me too. But i thought it could have been motorless glider or
>something like that as well.

I simply don't follow Chris's logic here. An airplane is not a tool for
flying -- you don't fly in an airplane, you just sit on your rear end and
try not to look Middle-Eastern. It's a tool for _traveling_ (a "veturilo").
(Risto's "motorless glider" makes more sense, depending on what it's used
for -- the gliders they used to have out at Vacaville _were_ tools for
flying, though the ones that were used to dump American soldiers into
Normandy on D-day were not.)

> >> By the way, who says that you are not allowed to coin words
> >> like "vidilo" or "auxdilo"? If you can't think of "okulo"
> >> and "orelo", these are perfectly legitimate ways of expressing
> >> the same idea; they just aren't generally used.
>How about 'promenadilo' for leg and 'kurilo' for faster legs? ;-)

If you want ... (Actually, I think I've seen "kuriloj" used for "legs",
though in something of a joking situation.)

> > Given that the common words "okulo" and "orelo" already occupy the
> > territory, surely the natural interpretations would be 'seeing
> > device'/'video camera' and 'hearing device'/'microphone'.
>Video camera is more like a seeing-recording device so a better
>translation for 'vidilo' could be 'eye glasses'. 'Audilo' is
>quite clearly 'hearing aid' or, as Chris said, 'hearing device'.

No, eye-glasses ("okulvitroj") would be better as "vidhelpilo". Similarly,
"hearing aid" would be "auxdhelpilo". "Microphone" (if you don't like
"mikrofono") might be, for instance, "sonkoncentrigilo"; and "video camera"
(again, if you don't like "kamerao") might be "kinoregistrilo" or
"kinobendregistrilo" or any of a number of others. (One could even claim
that, by analogy with the French-derived "magnetofono" for "tape-recorder",
you could invent "magnetofoto" ...).


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