--- Patrick Dunn <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Almaran Dungeonmaster wrote:
> > and "tongs" to avoid confusing them with verb
> forms of dubious meaning. The
> > most explicit example is asking the following
> (somewhat obvious) question to
> > someone wearing leather pants:
> >
> > "Heb jij leren pijpen?"
> >
> > Which can mean, depending on the circumstances:
> > "Do you have leather pant legs?" or "Have you
> learnt how to give blowjobs?"
> >
> > In the first meaning, both are plural froms of
> nouns, while in the second
> > example, both or verb infinitives.
> Cool, particularly because the first freqently makes
> me want to do the
> second.  A language designed just for me.

Ok, people!  It's been a week since I've logged on and
probably one of the last times this year, and what do
I find first but emails about B/Js!!  =:-O

Well, now I'm learning about who's who and
personalities indeed!  Just have a thing to say to
Maarten, Christophe, CZhang, Patrick (and one else I'm
missing who replied to this topic?),.... /silence/...

ROFL /wipes tears from eyes/

Oh boy, I'll have to try my hand at some terms related
to this subject in Vyh... but later, as the relay
translation is coming to me today!  Oh boy... I hope
Gray Wizard doesn't blow my mind with his translation!


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