That's if you accept the New Testament as historically correct documents.
The Moslems don't.  (Contrary to factual eveidence) they claim that the New
Testament has been corrupted by Christians and the true revelation of the
teachings and deeds of Isa are recorded only in the Qu'ran.  The Qu'ran
paints a rather different picture of the life and Ascention of Christ.  They
claim that He did not die on the cross.  A substitute died in His place and
He was taken into heaven having never died.

But, yes.  If you accept the New Testament as valid, you only have two
options:  Jesus was a starkraving lunatic, or He was the Son of God.


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>Subject: Re: Chris, Chris and Chris
>Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 09:26:32 -0500
>Adam Walker:
> > Well, Moslems consider Isa to be one of the great prophets.  They just
> > accept Him as the Son of God.
>That's illogical. There are two possibilities: Jesus told the truth about
>Himself, or He lied (and would probably have been insane in this case).
>If the first was true, then they'd have to consider Him as more than a
>great prophet. If the second was, then they wouldn't be able to call Him
>a prophet at all, only a heretic.
>Christopher Wright
>Christ is boolean.

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