Tom Wier wrote:
(Nik Taylor wrote:?)

>> Besides, there probably *are* people who wouldn't know what country
>> Paris is in.  :-(
Quiz show formulators (e.g. "Millionaire") seem to have figured out that
geography questions will almost always eliminate an unwanted

>I remember one discussion on <sci.lang> where an American
>recounted telling a German friend he was originally from
>St. Louis.  The German allegedly said "Oh, Illinois -
>I've always wanted to go there!"

Way back in the 40s, one of my teachers recounted this exchange, which took
place in Boston (Mass.)--
She:  "I'm from South Dakota"
Bostonian:  "Oh.  What state is that in?"

I doubt that the situation has improved, especially since geography (even of
our own country) seems by and large to be no longer taught. (They needed
that period for Driver's Ed.?)  Even the Univ. of Michigan killed its Geog.
Dept. back in the 80s.