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> > Anton Sherwood scripsit:
> > > That's almost as good as the South African athlete who was once
> > > described by (iirc) an American television announcer as
> > > "African-American".
> John Cowan wrote:
> > This would be especially funny if he was of Afrikaner or British
> If she were, he wouldn't have thought of calling her what he did.

This actually happened.

A Black (British) man was visiting the USA, as his son was involved in one
of the suicide cults that had just hit the news. I think this ws the one
in California, made notorious because all of them were found to be wearing
Nike(tm) trainers. The journalist in question was speaking with a
cow-orker at the airport where she was due to meet him, and they were
having a big discussion about whether to say he was Black,
African-American, Caribean-American, or what. He apparently interrupted
them in mid-argument and suggested Black, which was the worst thing one
could say in PC terms.

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