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> Am 14.12.01, Anton Sherwood yscrifef:
> > Padraic Brown wrote:
> > > I love the Italian and some of the French designs. Austria /
> > > Switzerland (I forget which) are also not bad.
> >
> > Somehow I wouldn't expect a Swiss Euro.
> I think they're part of E-land... I think GB is about the
> only one not in on it.

No, Switzerland is not a member of the EU.  The euro
members are:  Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy,
Luxemburg, Holland, Austria, Portugal, Finland, and Greece.
EU members not in the Euro include: the UK, Denmark, and

> > > I hear the Greek designs are good too (and are also bucking
> > > the new "tradition" by calling the small deenomination "lepton"
> > > rather than "cent".
> >
> > It's a "cent"?  The French accepted that?!
> Yes. And what's worse is the 'official' plurals are "cent" and "euro".

Probably pleases the Germans, though.

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