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>Coolness.  According to my dictionary Zhang3 was also the surname of
>Mengzi's mother.  So you just philosophatin' all over the place!

    Not only that, my Chinese name is _Yu-Sam_ with it's connotations of
"philosopher" or "scholar." Not quite sure what other connotations it may
also have accumulated, cuz obviously it is not the only name that has these
    Once upon a time, a "tong friend" insisted on calling me Sam, sayin' that
it it is easier for him to use a name that made sense in both Chinese
(Cantonese) and English, rather than usin' "Jonathan" which - to him -
smacked too much of "bleedin' Limey pommy-ness." Of course, he is one of
those ultra-hard-headed Hong Kong Cantonese ;)

::sage-like nod of head to all on the list, subtle trixter grin::

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