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> John Cowan saakel:
> >> That's illogical. There are two possibilities: Jesus told the
> >> truth about Himself, or He lied (and would probably have been
> >> insane in this case).
> > *That's* illogical.  People are usually not "knights" (who always
> > tell the truth) or "knaves" (who always lie).  Even if they never
> > lie by intention, *some* of their statements may be in error.
> _Your_ statement is illogical. Being God* on earth is boolean**;
> there's no middle ground.

Okay. At the danger of sounding like I want to control the
discussion, perhaps we should avoid theological disputes.
It's one thing to assert what one group or faith believes;
it's another thing entirely to argue about the logicality
of those beliefs.

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