--- Matthew Kehrt froge sionk:
> Il airen melethis el!  Happy solstice!

> ObConculture:  What do your various concultures do for the
> solstices/equonoces?
well since narethanaal's conculture is sort of the warped corners of
my own mind... and my personal beliefs are just that (personal)... i
cobbled them together based on my own experiences and thoughts about
this sort of thing (and my unitarian universalist upbringing ;))
solstice celebration consists of a small ceremony in my room... where
i make the room as dark as i possibly can and light a candle... then
i sing a song which changes from year to year except for one fairly
consistent line... then i blow out the candle and sit in darkness for
a while... my beliefs on what all of this means are a bit complicated
and hard to explain... but i hope one day to be able to sing my song
in narethanaal... since the ceremony and thoughts on what winter
solstice means are already of my own devising... singing it in my own
language would make it truly mine...


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