>*** Spoiler Alert ***
>Phew!  =P

LOL. :)

>I've just seen the movie, and I'm pretty much blown away, as I expected
>from all the good that the critics said.

Glad I'm not the only person that saw it so early! I saw it the day after
it opened in the US.
Anyways, I was so totally blown away, too... they got the visuals down
perfectly, in my book. (did anyone else jump when the Balrog came out of
nowhere? ;) ). I thought the movie was very beautiful. Everything, really,
looked just as I expected it would... And every person.

>However, I was a bit disappointed at the quick pace; many chapters in the
>book were compressed into a fleeting scene or two, which gave it a
>superficial feel -- but that's to be expected due to the limited duration
>of the film, I'm not making any accusations.

Yeah, I noticed that too... I guess they couldn't have made a 6 hr movie.
Though I wouldn't have minded sitting thru it... ;)

>Especially Lothlórien was cut much too short for my taste -- they didn't
>even mention Gimli's change of mind towards Galadriel, and the elven
>cloaks etc...

Yeah.... I thought that was kind of odd, since Gimli's friendship with
Legolas is a key part in The Two Towers (or seems to be; not quite
finished, but I have less than a 100 pages left! ;) )

>there was no feeling of recreation and rest as in the book, only a run-in
>in the woods, a glance into Caras Galadhon, the (wonderfully enacted)
>mirror scene, and off they were again.

Yeah, exactly. There wasn't really the feeling of rest in the house of
Elrond, too, though in the book it says that they spent almost a whole
season there, right? Also, Frodo left Bag-End in much more of a hurry than
in the book; there was no conspiracy between the other hobbits, etc...
I LOVED the mirror scene. So cool.

>Another thing I missed was the forging of Andúril -- shouldn't it have
>happened in Rivendell?  We saw the sword in its broken state, but no
>mention that it had been repaired, and that Aragorn now wielded it.

I didn't think of that....

>Though I must say that the exposition of the Ring's history, where the
>mace-wielding Sauron was defeated with the broken Andúril, was awesome.

Yeah. I also liked how they put all the events in the right place
chronologically, instead of them later being told at the Council... pretty

>As for hey dol! merry dol! Tom Bombadillo, I can't say I missed him.
>We have Harry Potter for that kind of audience.  ;-)

Really? I thought his presense added a kind of whimsy and lightened the
book a little bit. But, oh well, he wasn't that major...

>The fact that Glorfindel was replaced by Arwen doesn't bother me the
>least bit either -- Liv makes a worthy appearance indeed as the most
>beautiful of elves.  Mmmm, those lips...  (=D

LOL... Bad... Anyway, I know she didn't have that much involvement in the
first book (in fact, I can't really remember her, but then, I haven't
finished the trilogy yet! sad.)
My mom didn't really like her... but then, she's had a crush on Strider
ever since she read the books... she's weird! :Ţ

>My favorite scene was the attempted crossing of Caradhras, with Saruman
>chanting his spells in a utterly cool operatic voice from the uppermost
>platform of Orthanc amongs the raging stormclouds.  I can't wait to rip
>that scene off someone's DVD.  ;-)

Really? I really liked the fight scene in Moria with the Company fighting
against the Orcs and all... Legolas' archery especially.... ;)
Oh, and I also liked Bilbo's party....

>I'd like to hear other opinions on scenes that were missed, hated or
>loved...  anyone?
>-- Christian Thalmann

Well, I really really really loved the movie, but there were a few things
that I missed (besides what I mentioned!). Frodo knew what Bilbo was going
to do; why they decided that Frodo shouldn't know that Bilbo was going to
disappear is beyond me.
Uh, what else... Anyways, I think I should mention what I liked. Like I
said, I really liked the visual aspect of it. I also like that they had
some good foresight in some of their scenes; like when Saruman was cutting
down all the trees (which caused the Ents anger) in Isengard and stuff, or
when he was creating his special Orcs that could be out in the sun.

That's all for me!

(gosh, I hope I didn't ruin the movie for anyone.... sorry!! :( )

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