<<<<<Well, for the non-straight list members, perhaps it'll
be a relief to know that the Vya:a:hn culture thrives
due to the fact that nearly the entire society is
homosexual. (Heterosexual relations are generally only
for the purpose of reproduction, and this tends to be
between opposite-sex close friends)... I won't go any
further is describing it, yet, though.

BTW, just a personal note, it's a bit discouraging
that a *conculture* would hold views as that of
Phalera.  What is so dirty and unclean about gaiety,
anyhow?  Hmm, to each his own (chaqu'un a son gout,
non Christophe?)!>>>>>>>>>>

Non-straight conlangers?  I don't know why but that idea cracked me up.  I
don't know why.  In college, half the professors and most of the male
students in the Linguistics Department were gay.  I even had a professor
show me an article he found about a research study that showed that the part
of the human brain that handles language tended to be larger in homosexual
males as opposed to hetersexaul males.  Whatever.  All I know is that I love
linguistics and I love the men.  :)   But I have nothing against the
straights.    lol


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