I'm trying to design a language for a race of people
in a fantasy story I'm working on, and I've run into
problems, so I
thought I'd come to the people who know... that's you
guys, by the way.

Just to let you know, if I seem a bit clueless, it's
because the only
formal language training I've had is what I've gotten
in public
school for the last 12 years. I'm a high school
senior, by the way.

Anyway, the language I'm attempting to design is
basically a
synthesis of the Japanese and Korean languages. I
already have the
sounds mapped out, and now I'm working on a script.

The script is similar to Japanese in that it's a
syllabary, and
similar to Korean Hangul in that its words are made up
of letters
arranged in a block format. This is where I've run
into a problem:
how do I arrange these letters in a word?

In Hangul, the characters are put together to form
syllables; vowels
are vertical or horizontal lines so you know where
they go, and
consonants are basically whatever. In my language, I
can't arrange
them like that, because each character already
represents a syllable,
and they are put together in block format to create
words. So how
could I design a basic set of rules to determine what
can and what
can't go where in order to form orderly blocks?

Thanks in advance,


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