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> "Thomas R. Wier" wrote:
> > NGL (the so-called
> > "Next-Generation-Language", a group project some years ago
> > dedicated to replacing L1 languages like English and Spanish),
> Can I hear a bit more about that?

A group of people on the list several years ago ('98? '99?
It's been since then at least) decided they wanted to create
not just an auxiliary language, to be used between
speakers with different L1s like Esperanto or Interlingua, but
an auxiliary language that was intended to replace the L1s
themselves entirely.  I was never part of the project, but I
seem to remember that they spent a great deal of time discussing
linguistic universals so as to make it most easily acceptable
to other speakers.  At some point, they broke off from the list
and formed their own, IIRC, and I haven't heard much about it
since.  After a quick search, it appears that it is no longer
active on the web, although you can look at CONLANG's archives.
(Try using the names "Jack Durst" or "Mia Soderquist" as filters.)
Here appears to be a rundown of the commiittee's proposals:


(I never much liked the idea of conlanging by committee, but to
each his or her own)

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