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>This is a nonsense passage invented by George Bernard Shaw as a
>test case for any revised English orthography.  Anyone care
>to undertake a translation (probably a rather free one)
>into YFCL?
>Chang at leisure was superior to Lynch in his rouge, munching a lozenge
>at the burial in Merrion Square of Hyperion the Alien who valued his
>billiards so highly. Quick! quick! hear the queer story how father and
>son one time sat in the house man to man eating bread and telling the
>tale of the fir on the road to the city by the sea following the coast
>to its fall full two fathoms deep.  There they lived together served by
>the carrier, whose narrower mind through beer was sore and whose poor
>boy shivered over the fire all day lingering in a tangle of tactless
>empty instinct ineptly swallowing quarts of stingo.
>"Stingo", BTW, is a strong beer or ale.

    Okay... I gonna use my simplified/modified version of the Encarta World
English Dictionary's respelling system (for just part of this passage/test) [_
´_ is schwa]:

    Chaang at leezh´r woz s´peeree´r t´ Linch in hiz roozh, munching ´ lozz´nj
at th´ berree´l in Merrin Skwair uv Hipeeree´n tha Aylee´n hoo vallyood hiz
billy´rdz so hilee. Kwik! kwik! heer th´ kweer stawree how faath´r ´n
sun wun tIm sayt in th´ howss man to man eeting bred...

    :: vizeral shudderz :: enuff uv dhat... eek...

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