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> wrote:
> > (Try using the names "Jack Durst" or "Mia
> > Soderquist" as filters.)
> Ahem... As I accidentally didn't send to the list a
> moment ago...
> I've never been used as a filter before! Life is full
> of adventures!

May we all arrive at that exalted status someday!

> > (I never much liked the idea of conlanging by
> > committee, but to
> > each his or her own)
> >
> Ah, well... It didn't replace anyone's personal
> projects, I don't think. It's sometimes fun to try
> something new.
> I haven't been active with NGL for a very long time,
> but it did get to the point of being useable, in a few
> different versions.

Do you know what happened to the website?  I'm actually
kinda interested in seeing what y'all ended up with (or
currently are debating, whatever).

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