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> Well, aside from the fact that there are examples to prove otherwise
> (Einstein was very creative, and not gay, afawk).

He wasn't? :)))

 If anything, I think
> it is
> the other way around. You need not be gay to be creative, but you need
> to be
> creative to be gay.

If only... Believe me, that's not even the case... There seems to be a bigger
proportion of women and gay men in the artistic world then in average, but I'd
rather take it as a consequence of some prejudice among some heterosexual men
(typically the "macho" kind) who seem to think that art is much too effeminate
for them. In short, you don't see more gays in artistic jobs because they are
creative, but because lots of straight people don't want to do that.

I've got personal experience about that, some members of my family do think
like that... :((

 And I am not THAT creative... ;-)

Already more than the average you know, or else you wouldn't be on this
list :)) .

Oh, by the way: Merry Christmas!


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