Christophe Grandsire escreva:
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> >
> > BTW, just a personal note, it's a bit discouraging
> > that a *conculture* would hold views as that of
> > Phalera.
>Why? A conculture doesn't mandatorily reflects the views of its author. Think
>of Irina, whose conculture is anything but Orthodox Christian.

True, but then again, my "favourite" concultures- i.e. the ones I'd like to
live in - tend to reflect my own views and preferences. Even down to food
and wine ;o)

>   What is so dirty and unclean about gaiety,
> > anyhow?  Hmm, to each his own (chaqu'un a son gout,
> > non Christophe?)!
> >
>:)) Personnally I've never understood the "cleanness" of heterosexuality
>:))) .
>No insult intended, but just showing that everything is a matter of point of
>view (in the literal sense).

If you have to clean up after yourself, it's not clean! ;o)


semo la flamma, semo la casea
semo la tuta, semo la cambea

We are the spark, we are the flame
We are the people, we are the change