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> I didn't think so. I did read it twice to see if I'd missed it. But now
> I
> see that `pronominal possesives agree with the possessed head' must've
> been that...

Indeed! It's exactly that :)) .

 I think I prefer English's agreement method ;)

Not me :) . I always found strange that adjectives and possessives don't agree
with their head in number, but demonstratives do. Why "black cat" and "black
cats", "my cat" and "my cats", versus "this cat" and "these cats"? :)))

> It probably helps that you speak a Romance language and I only English
> :(
> and, although I like reading grammars, I think this is the first
> Romance-lang grammar I've read.

Well, Romance languages are not the only ones where adjectival forms (whether
they are adjectives, demonstratives or possessives) agree in gender and/or
number with their heads. Slavic languages do too IIRC, German also (if you want
a sister language from English), etc...


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