--- froge sionk daniel andreasson:
> This is rather like "individual" and "stage" level.
> Marcus Smith and Matt Pearson know more about this,
> but both of them are nomail iirc, so I'll give it
> a shot.
> 1. The snake is_poisonous:INDIVIDUAL.
> 2. I am_cold:STAGE.
> In the first sentence the snake is poisonous from
> birth. It is an inherent property. It's always
> poisonous and always has been. Hence "individual".
> In the second sentence I am only cold temporarily,
> not inherently. It's only a stage in my life, so to
> say. Thus "stage" level.
so originally i was going to use this with just a little bit of
tweaking to the 'indiviual' to make it more of a 'to be always' (i.e.
the snake wouldn't have to be born poisonous... if he suddenly became
poisonous and was going to be that way forever more then after that
point he could be considered 'to be always'...) but then i thought
maybe i could use it as a tense marker like 'froge' indicates past
tense and 'klatura' indicates future tense... there would be a
happening always tense... however this gets a bit tricky when i was
working on a translation of the north wind and sun story... because
the story is all in past tense but there's a line that says "...the
first one to succeed in making the traveler take off his cloak should
be stronger than the other."... so in narethanaal the verbs 'to make'
and 'to remove' would be past and future... because in the past they
were going to do it in the future... if that makes sense..? and then
for "should be stronger" the 'to be' would be past, future, and then
after that future point happening always... so then it would be in
narethanaal: 'froge klatura toled yest'
              past  future  always to be

i guess it's ok... it just seems a bit excessive...any suggestions..?

got monkeys?

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