Christian Thalmann wrote:
> You might have noticed that the script has some resemblance to Tengwar,
> especially as far as the consonant patterns and the vowel carrier is
> concerned.  Rest assured, though, that I devised my script before I
> (consciously?) came into contact with Tengwar.

Tolkien was not the first to treat vowels that way.

> I used to call the vowel carrier the void consonant then.  =P

That gives me an idea for the punchline of a shaggy dog story:  The Lost
Consonant of Atlantis.

... I cannot easily believe that your `f' and `v' would remain
distinguishable in a hasty hand, or in scratching on wood.

... Ligatures for /pm/ etc, but not for /mp/ ?  Curious.

... Did you use Fontographer or some such?

Anton Sherwood  --