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>--- froge sionk Thomas R. Wier:
>> Personally, I agree with Tolkien that it doesn't make
>> sense to have a conlang without a culture to go with it. Hence:
>> Phalera for the Phalerophones.
>shmerf... what's with you people and things having to make sense all
>the time..?  and always wanting 'reasons' for doing things..?  that's
>all well and good if that's what you want to do...

    *snarfle* I kinda agree with both ya, but with this difference: I would
like to see a paraculture (not a conculture) arise from a conlang (like my
Lego ;)
    Be neat to see if Lego gives the Klingon paraculture a bit a' competition
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>all well and good if that's what you want to do... but some people
>(ok.. me) prefer nonsensicalness... it makes life more interesting

    ::points to self:: Besides a healthy (clean & sober) dose of non-sense, I
tend to enjoy (and create) a lil organized Chaos and creative mischief

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