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> --- froge sionk Thomas R. Wier:
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> > Personally, I agree with Tolkien that it doesn't make
> > sense to have a conlang without a culture to go with it. Hence:
> > Phalera for the Phalerophones.
> >
> shmerf... what's with you people and things having to make sense all
> the time..?  and always wanting 'reasons' for doing things..?  that's
> all well and good if that's what you want to do... but some people
> (ok.. me) prefer nonsensicalness... it makes life more interesting

That's why I said "personally".  And yes, sometimes the world
simply is nonsensical.   My interest just happens to be modeling
of things, whether that be a language or an entire society, and
modeling entails, for me, creating it relative to the kinds of
things that real human beings actually do. If your world doesn't
have real human beings, but rather some other species or human
being prime, then other rules might apply.

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