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 My other langs have
> such
> odd phonologies that they can't borrow most words from human langs
> conviniently anyway.  If the only consonants you have are liquids and
> semi-vowels how do you deal with human langs?  You don't.  You just
> learn
> their weird alphabets along with their unpronounceable gibberish.

I also tend to make writing systems suitable to only one language. The most
extreme example so far is Itakian. What do you do with a writing system that
marks vowels and liquids as full letters (with fused forms when there are two
in a single syllable) and consonnants as diacritics over those vocalic letters?
The fact that the alphabet is also absolutely phonemic but Itakian has only
eight phonemic consonnants doesn't help :)) .

On the other hand, Astou is written with a variation of the Greek alphabet
which, through a few well-thought diacritical marks (and redefinition of lots
of letters, like eta marking /h/ and omega marking /S/ IIRC) can mark a lot
more sounds than necessary, and could thus be used to write other languages.


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