Je 12.33 atm 2002.01.15 -0500, Jay BOWKS skribis
>Kara Don and other auxlangers:
>Maybe you can help me with this...
>I am trying to locate an article which
>was published a decade ago in an obscure
>Esperanto journal (circulatiom: 3). Perhaps you
>could help me locate a copy of it. It is an
>article on Alberto Liptay by Bernard Golden,
>Literatura Foiro 23 (1992), 139.

For Liptay, you might also wish to check the on-line database of the
International Esperanto Museum in Vienna:

By the way, Literatura Foiro is not exactly obscure, and has a circulation
somewhat larger than 3.


Pasis longa voj'
Iri ĉi tien de for;
Pasis longa temp',
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