Am 28.01.02, Jonathan Knibb yscrifef:

> Seems to be a British term - I've given up trying to follow the words in the
> different Englishes for the various grades of medic.  In theory, Brit
> doctors are divided into 'seniors' (top of their particular tree, i.e.
> consultants and GPs) and 'juniors' (any lower grade), and lay people usually
> understand 'junior doctor' when they might not know the official terms for
> the grades.  In practice, there are four grades of hospital doctor, the
> various names of which would take too long to enumerate; I'm eighteen months
> out of medical school, which makes me an SHO (senior house officer).

Ah, a "resident", perhaps is the best American word, though I
bet the concept behind your junior and senior is different
than our resident and attending.

> Jonathan.

Gwerez dah, chee gwaz vaz, ha leal.