>From: Elliott Lash <[log in to unmask]>
>Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 03:07:13 EST
>That's how all /t/'s are realized in my dialect before syllabic n.
>[glV?n=]  <glutton>
>[m&w?n=]  <mountain>
>[kI?n=]   <kitten>
>Before syllabic m however /t/ is realized as [4]
>[&4m=]  <atom>
>[s@de4m=] <sedate him/'em>

The same is true for me -- /?/ before sylabic n, /4/ before sylabic m, r, or
l.  Word final "t" is unreleased except when preceeded by a stop in which
case the "t" is aspirated.  That means I have 5 sounds masquerading as "t"
in my idiolect /th/, /t/, /?/, /t<unreleased>/ and /4/.  That's pretty


So lift the cup of joy and take a big drink.
In spite of it all it's a beautiful world.
-------Suzanne Knutzen

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