jogloran ghItlh:

: <<
: I don't watch much tv., especially not commercial tv. channels' news.
: Does
: Sydney lack the variety of Melburnian, as described before?  (There
: are
: more, of course.) Not one of those accents can be
: considered 'normal'. And
: I've been told that Melburnian is relatively (compared to
: Sydenysiders'
: speech) unaffected, or is untrue?
: Tristan
: >>
: No, I've been to Melbourne twice and I think the pronounciation in
: the city was pretty normal. I know that people here have some sort of
: stereotype about Melburnian speech (I don't exactly know what the
: stereotype actually is, however :P).

Yeah... pity though. I'd love to say that Melbournians are radically
different, but.... ;)  I think it has to do with the class distinction.  See
my previous post :)

: Tangentially, I was in Newcastle (in Australia :P) recently, and
: their adjective for describing themselves (in the vein of Melburnian
: and the rather contrived "Sydneysider") is "Novocastrian", which is
: obviously the Latin form of the place. It was actually used by the
: residents, which I wouldn't have expected for such a highfalutin
: name :P
: Imperative

Lol!  Actually, what would YOU call them?  Apart from 'those bloody Knights
supporters' ;)
I think Novocastrian is the general term that most ppl use....
I've also heard Melbournites, and less frequently, Sydneyites.  I think its
Brisbanites for Brisbane and Darwinians (lol!) for Darwin.  I've also heard
Hobartians for Hobart - rhyming with Martians.  I think it would be
Perthsiders for Perth, and Adeladians for Adelaide.  And of course you can
call ppl in Canberra anything you want 'cos they're all pollies! :D

ObConlang:  Also, what do you call ppl in different cities in your conlangs?
Is there a general term/construction?  Or do you use multiple methods?


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