daniel andreasson escreva:
>I've thought about a similar thing when compiling my list
>of links to conlangs. There is a major tendency to let
>the name of the conlang begin with A, D, S, T or V. And
>especially T.

Gaak! That'd be three of my four conlangs worth the name - Tairezazh,
Steianzh (or Steienzh [stEI@nZ] as the speakers say) and Tersnuvu. Only
Kalini Sapak is original then ...

I've also got a really early lang called Cyran [Sy"ran:], which got a tiny
vocab and a phonology (it's fond of syllabic consonants, witness placenames
like Mrd, Mzn and Prznd), not next to no grammar, and some langs with very
little work done on, like Altaii, Kesheáras and Telennets. These doesn't
seem too original either, initial-wise.


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