> From: daniel andreasson
> Jonathan Knibb wrote:
> > Two questions for my first post.  Firstly: I've recently
> > had to change my conlang's name (owing to major phonological
> > overhaul), and came up with Telona as reasonably euphonic
> > and representative of the language's sounds/phonology.  It
> > strikes me, though, that (probably not by coincidence
> > .... :) ) 'Telona' is rather similar to the names of certain
> > other, higher-profile conlangs, notably Tokana, Tepa and
> > Teonaht
> I've thought about a similar thing when compiling my list
> of links to conlangs. There is a major tendency to let
> the name of the conlang begin with A, D, S, T or V. And
> especially T.
> Here's a list:


> Other initial letters have only tops three conlangs.
> So what's so special about A, D, S, T and V?
> You'd think that N would be more popular, since most
> people seem to find that a euphonic sound.

Well, I have one of each.  amman iar, which you list, is an A-lang, while
nathya, which you don't list, is an N-lang.

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